Nakamura, Kozo – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Soundtrack

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Date de sortie : 2019-11-15
Étiquette : Iam8bit

Et oui! Un classique du SNES qui reçois enfin son pressing vinyle!

-Apple Green Vinyl (Open Edition)
-Power-Up Gatefold Jacket w/ Flippable Art
-Remastered Exclusively for Vinyl
-Album Art by Aled Lewis

The plot of Turtles in Time is the stuff of sci-fi lunacy ??? a supercollage cast of baddies battling through the ages: Krang donning his trademark exosuit stealing the statue of liberty, metal-mouthed Shredder hijacking the TV airwaves, prehistoric dinos, grimey pirates, neon-future robots, mutated sewer nasties, etc.. Enter the mean, green, fighting machines, on a hard rock collision course to reset the space-time continuum back to a peaceful, cheesy-grease-soaked state. This is one of the greatest SNES soundtracks of all time, expertly mastered for the first time ever on vinyl, cozied away in a choose-your-own-adventure pizza (or bomb) box. Also, we included some bonus soundbites, and even our favorite track from the arcade release ??? cowabunga!



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Nakamura, Kozo

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