Machito – Rsd2018 – Machito: From Montuno To Cubop (2lp)

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Product Description

Date de sortie : 2018-04-21

Grosso! Recordings provide a collection from Machito (Francisco Raúl Gutiérrez Grillo), who arguably had the most influential big band Latin orchestra of the mambo era in New York.
- In 1940, Machito founded and named his orchestra The Afro-Cubans, proudly calling out his heritage long before the Civil Rights movement gained momentum.
- Machito expanded his small conjunto into the big band format aiming to bring the Latin sound up to the current New York standards of excellence that the popular swing dance bands of the time enjoyed.
- Progressive jazz-influenced arrangements provided by Mario Bauzá.
- Some tracks are presented here on vinyl after many years.
- Remastered and restored.
- 300g cardboard.

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Poids 600 g
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