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Date de sortie : 2019-04-13
Étiquette : GRONLAND (UK)

For Ohio-based Tim Story, American neo-classical composer and expert in synth-assisted exploration, the Lunz collaborative project with Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster) is a lifelong dream.
- The two first met when Story, traveling Europe to plug his first solo albums in 1983, made it a point to visit Roedelius in Austria.
- Since that first meeting, the two have remained close, exploring a kindred spirit for composing "emotionally ambiguous" soundscapes
- First to come from this musical partnership was the hallucinatory musique concrète of The Persistence of Memory (2000), followed by acclaimed 2003 album Lunz (2002), followed by 2008 album Inlandish (2008).
- Now, 11 years later, they finally recorded a new album together, Lunz3.

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LUNZ ( Tim Story – Roedelius )

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