Kitajima, Osamu – The Osamu Kitajima Boxset (5 LP Black Vinyl / Deluxe Box Set)

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Date de sortie : 2020-02-14
Étiquette : Everland

Du gros gros stock! Une autre légende japonaise subi le traitement royal de la réédition. 5 premiers et meilleurs albums de monsieur Kitajima où on passe de jam band rock psyché au jazz funk fusion par le folk progressif avec des pointes de musique traditionnelle japonaise et au final de la J-Pop un peu soul!!?? Essentiel!!

180g audiophile black vinyl in heavy covers, housed in a beautiful box with magnetic lock, containing all inserts of the original LPs. All 5 albums are taken from the ORIGINAL MASTERS, provided by Mr. Kitajima himself.
Osamu Kitajima was born in Chigasaki, Japan on February 3rd 1949 and studied classical guitar and piano already in his childhood days. Later on in the 1960s, when Beat and Rock music became the hot stuff in the popular music circuit, he joined his cousin???s band ???The Launchers??? with his brother, before graduating from university. Osamu???s cousin, Yūzō Kayama, is a famous Japanese film actor and musician. In 1971, when Osamu was already a successful composer of TV advertising jingles, he moved to England for a year and developed an obsession for British Rock music, especially in the Psychedelic field. The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and The Zombies became his major influences and inspired him to start a solo career under the name JUSTIN HEATHCLIFF, which he adopted for it???s typical English sound. His 1971 eponymous album was a typical Pop Psyche effort for it???s time, but not long after he returned home to Japan, Osamu abandoned the English sounding name and further on merged Western Progressive and Electronic music with Japanese Folk sounds.

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Kitajima, Osamu

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