Hosono, Haruomi ( Happy End / Yellow Magic Orchestra ) – Philarmony (deluxe Gatefold 180gr / Strictly Limited Copies)

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Date de sortie : 2019-06-14
Étiquette : Light In The Attic

*** Ceci est le nouveau pressing japonais de 2019. La version parue sur Light In The Attic en 2018 est épuisée ***
- Remastered by Yoshinori Sunahara
- Vinyl cutting by Bernie Grundman Mastering
- Limited edition import Japanese press
Suite logique du vaste travail de réédition de musique Japonaise débuté par Light In The Attic il y a un an avec la fantastique compilation Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973. Le légendaire Haruomi Hosono voit 5 de ses disques indispensables enfin réédités et disponibles en Amérique du Nord pour la première fois depuis leur parution il y a plus de 40 ans! Essentiels!!!!

Following YMO???s first wave of success, Hosono took a break from the group and, with help from Alfa Records head Kunihiko Murai, established Yen Records in 1982. The label???s inaugural release was Philharmony, a masterwork recorded almost entirely by Hosono himself at his brand new LDK Studio. With unlimited studio time and freedom to explore, Hosono let himself loose with an array of synthesizers and the latest gadgets, from the Prophet 5 to the E-mu Emulator ??? all listed as ???guest performers??? in the album credits. Inspired by the possibilities opened up by these music-making tools, Hosono found new ways to approach his songwriting, resulting in a set of songs that showcase his ability to constantly and consistently innovate and create new standards. With ambient synthscapes like ???Luminescent/Hotaru??? and the abstract sample-based expressionism of ???Birthday Party??? sitting perfectly in tune alongside pop favorites like ???Sports Men??? and ???L.D.K.???, Philharmony is one of the most well-loved of Hosono???s albums, and a favorite of the artist himself.

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Hosono, Haruomi ( Happy End / Yellow Magic Orchestra )

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