// Guryan, Margo – Take A Picture (clear Vinyl)

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Date de sortie : 2020-07-31
Étiquette : Sundazed

Un essentiel!!!!
Take a Picture blends Margo's infectious and highly intelligent songcraft with her absolutely unique voice - equal parts girl group innocence and seductive torch. One of the most endearing and delicious soft rock records from its era, here's an impeccable Sundazed vinyl reissue of this '68 masterpiece, direct from the original masters. "Margo Guryan is the most original songwriter that I've ever produced, and also something of an enigma. Underneath it all, she's a schooled composer, but she writes moving pop songs. She writes from her heart, but also from her head." - John Hill, album producer "When Margo heard God Only Knows for the first time, she dropped everything. Steeped in learnings of jazz and composition, Margo was shaping her musical self in 1966, and Pet Sounds was just what she wanted to hear. Inspired, and working in the glow of Brian's masterpiece, Margo began work on Take A Picture. It's a beautiful lost gem. I love this album dearly.The first thing to notice is Margo's voice, a unique upper register whisper. But when it starts off you say whoa, what is this? as "Sunday Morning" sounds like a garage funk band with studio musician talents. The album's production is wonderful in that it is so expert, but never showy. This is one of the most laid back albums I've heard. Another sunday morning staple....It's jazz, slightly psych pop, with all the ornaments of the Pet Sounds orchestra.

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