Garson, Mort – Mother Earth’s Plantasia

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Date de sortie : 2019-06-21
Étiquette : Sacred Bones

Une curiosité de 1976 qui a extrêmement bien vieilli et qui prédate par moment ce que Brian Eno a fait au niveau de l'ambient music. Quasi-kitsch, un peu psyché, c'est un super disque d'électro progressive à écouter en regardant pousser les fruits et légumes de votre jardin.
If you purchased a snake plant, asparagus fern, peace lily, or what have you from Mother Earth on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles (or bought a Simmons mattress from Sears) in 1976, you also took home "Plantasia", an album recorded especially for plants. Subtitled "warm earth music for plants and the people that love them," it was full of bucolic, charming, stoner-friendly, decidedly unscientific tunes enacted on the new-fangled device called the Moog. Few characters in early electronic music can be both fearless pioneers and cheesy trend-chasers, but Garson embraced both extremes, and has been unheralded as a result.

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Garson, Mort

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