Pike, Laurence – Holy Spring

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Date de sortie : 2019-05-17
Étiquette : Leaf Label

Holy Spring is the second solo album by Australian percussionist, drummer and composer Laurence Pike - an article of faith, expressing the sense that the ritual of performance can transcend the confines of style, structure and concept to connect with something universal. The name of the album is beautifully ambiguous, evoking a wellspring, but also rebirth, and more besides. It sounds constantly, effervescently fresh, just as it should when its creation was a series of surprises to its own creator. The listener, just like the musician, are privy to what Pike describes as the music simply playing itself.Improvisation has played a role throughout Pikes long and diverse career in music. Whether as part ofPVT, Triosk or Szun Waves, or collaborating with Liars, legendary jazz pianist Mike Nock, DD Dumbo orthe mighty Bill Callahan, he has long been a responsive musician for whom sensitive listening leads tospontaneous invention.

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Pike, Laurence

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