Jobs – Endless Birthdays

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Date de sortie : 2020-08-07
Étiquette : Ramp Local

""Make the bizarre and uncomfortable accessible, and make the accessible bizarre." That's bassist Robert Lundberg's accurate summary of the U.S. band JOBS' modus operandi. Rare is the contemporary act who so adroitly keeps the listener off-balance yet riveted with each surprising stylistic pivot and perverse strategy. JOBS' third album, endless birthdays, is the distinctive product of four headstrong individuals???guitarist/vocalist Dave Scanlon, drummer Max Jaffe, violist Jessica Pavone, and Lundberg???with guest appearances from underground music luminaries John Dieterich (Deerhoof), Matt Mehlan (Skeletons), Cyrus Pireh (Skeletons), and Steven Lugerner. None of these musicians has a conventional bone in their bodies. endless birthdays is a bold record in which minimalist composition, mutant techno, rock pyrotechnics, electro-pop, and art song jostle for supremacy. Throughout these nine songs runs a tension between order and artful freaking out."



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