Cervini, Ernesto – Tetrahedron

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Date de sortie : 2020-03-06
Étiquette : There Records / Anzic Records

based Ernesto Cervini has proven restlessly creative at the helm of the Ernesto Cervini Quartet, his innovative Turboprop sextet, his co-led trios MEM3, Myriad 3 and Tunetown, and his Radiohead cover project Idioteque, among other e???orts. With Tetrahedron, Cervini ???ips the script once again, undertaking his first project with an electric bassist (the great Rich Brown) and an electric guitarist (the acclaimed Nir Felder). Together with them and the marvelous Cuban-born, Toronto-based alto saxophonist Luis Deniz, Cervini reveals still new facets of his musical imagination. Tetrahedron began its existence as a chordless trio with just Cervini, Brown and Deniz. ???Rich and Luis were playing together around Toronto and already had a great connection,??? Cervini notes, ???so I started writing stu??? that would work in a chordless electric setting.??? Delving into the rich history of trios with no chordal instrument ??? as pioneered by Sonny Rollins, Lee Konitz and other legends ??? Cervini was able to draw upon his own experience with tenor saxophone master Joel Frahm and his chordless trio, as heard on the forthcoming album The Bright Side. But even from the start, Cervini entertained the idea of augmenting the trio with guitar, and his mind turned to Nir Felder ??? hailed as ???the next big jazz guitarist??? by NPR Music ??? whose unique jazz language on the Fender Stratocaster seemed like the dream fit. And he knew Felder would be able to transcend traditional ???comping,??? instead playing a more inventive and abstract role. ???Because we???re so used to playing this music as a trio without any comping,??? Cervini notes, ???we were able to incorporate Nir without having to worry about our traditional ???jobs??? in the band. And Nir is such a master of that loose, open-ended approach.???

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Cervini, Ernesto

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