Automatisme – Rate ( Reissue & Remastered )

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Date de sortie : 2020-02-21
Étiquette : Dream Disk Lab

CD reissue of this 30 minutes 4 tracks mini-album. The first cassette pressing was sold out in less than a month after its release. To keep this album alive, here is a remastered by Pheek pressing with reimagined artwork by Patrick Foisy based on Alter-Rate 4 video.

This material has the best mastering sound quality of all Automatisme work to date with a granular, colourful and analog type (for fans of Pole, Mark Fell and Echospace)! The first pressing on a normal bias standard cassette had a sound quality that was not showing the high definition of the wonderful mastering of the digital version of the album. At least, the download code was coming in the packaging!

With this cd reissue, we are really proud that finally exists a pressing with maximum sound quality of this album.

Automatisme's latest offering: "Rate" (aptly titled) is an experiment in the temporality of rhythm. Utilizing probability & AI based sequencers (running at strictly 160 bpm), William Jourdain stirs up dizzying and glistening sonic hallucinations which feel as though they have no start or end. The four designs employ deep frequency modulation synthesis (FM), clicks and cuts, and ambient bodies of sound, resulting in something like a mutated sibling of dub techno. By exporting the same composition many times and pushing the synthesis to its limit, a deep, pointillistic and extremely programmed sound appears. These techniques employ in a slightly varied shift in parameter each time resulting in unique and indistinguishable compositions by virtue of purposely harnessed human error.

The EP's opening cut: "Alter-Rate 4" is also accompanied with an audiovisual experience created by Jourdain himself. The video is a result of experimentation with pixelation, interpolation, up/downsampling and colour saturation applied to various soil and plant microscopes analyzation clips. The microscope clips were provided by Jourdain's wife, Marilyn Lamoureux, who did collected the footage as research as an agronomist. Further manipulation was processed, composed, and abstracted in Max/Msp . This visual piece parallels microscopic audio and video rhythm by reuniting them and focusing on the infinitely small.

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