Aids Wolf – Very Friendly

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Date de sortie : 2020-10-30
Étiquette : SKiN GRAFT Records


After their third album, AIDS WOLF released one of their most unique records in an already singular discography - a 12??? bringing together some of the most important noise musicians of the past decade to remix their cover of Throbbing Gristle???s ???Very Friendly???.

The results: Nightmarish kraut conjured by The Flying Luttenbachers??? Weasel Walter; sparse, terrifying soundscapes from Wolf Eyes??? John Olson; searing noise and auto-tune from Baltimore lab rats Nautical Almanac; manic, pounding rhythms from Jason Forrest; and alienating, reverb-drenched skree from Cleveland???s Emeralds. Note: The unremixed cover version appears on the AIDS WOLF ???March to the Sea??? LP/CD.

Yes, it bears some surface resemblance to the No Wave bands of New York???s late ???70s, and yes, it???s also quasi-Beefheartian, but this simmeringly ugly-beautiful non-categorizable thing that is the band is like an object lesson in modern, progressive, painfully pure music.??? - LA WEEKLY



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Aids Wolf

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