Aids Wolf – Ma Vie Banale Avant-garde ( Indie Exclusive )

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Livraison prévue 14 à 25 jours au Canada
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Date de sortie : 2020-10-30
Étiquette : SKiN GRAFT Records


Pour fans de Merzbow / Melt Banana
et Les Georges Leningrades

"Recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, the corpus of songs found on AIDS Wolf???s final album were written over the course of a year as the band shifted from its more formal work to a sound focused on polyrhythm and flowing, elastic tempos. On further listens, fields of dissonant guitar and demented, lurching tempos, give way to detuned pixelated pop forms. Here, the starting point of AIDS Wolf???s compositional approach was to ???learn its mistakes???, composing songs by studying improvised passages off blown out cassette tapes. Aiming to dampen the repetition endemic in most music, the band added elements of chance and non-repetitive phrasing, and remained devoted to forwarding and refining their musical vision; seeking new challenges for themselves and their audience. ???AIDS Wolf???s monastic commitment to brutal prog-punk and strident no wave has hardened their music from a rough lump of coal into a jagged diamond.??? ??? PITCHFORK"



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Aids Wolf

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